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Welcome to WhiteWoodPetSupplies.com!

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Caring for a pet is a big responsibility. One of the more time-consuming responsibilities of a pet owner is grooming. Whether you have a dog, horse, or other pet, our supplies can help you to groom your pet. We offer the best dog shampoo, horse shampoo, detanglers, conditioners, brushes, and shine and finish. Get the best pet grooming supplies online!





One mistake many pet owners make when bathing their pets is using shampoo designed for human hair. All shampoo is not created equal, and to keep your pet healthy and their coat shiny and healthy, you should use shampoo created for them. We offer dog shampoo and horse shampoo to give their coats a healthy sheen.

Shampooing removes some of the natural oils that are healthy in your pet’s coat and can damage the hair if done too often. Our conditioners can help keep their hair looking and feeling great. Our detanglers can help with stubborn hair that gets tangled when wet so you can brush without causing your pet pain.

After you wash your pet, you always need to brush out the hair to make sure it doesn’t tangle and is smooth and comfortable. We have a variety of great brushes designed to comfortably brush your pets. Our shine and finish products are great to end the grooming process and restore the healthy shine of their coats.

Our great selection of grooming products will help you to keep your pet healthy so you can live long lives together. If you have any questions, we’d love to be of assistance. Send us an email at and we’ll reply as soon as we are able. Thanks for shopping here today!